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What Will Stetson Bennett's Future Hold?
What Will Stetson Bennett's Future Hold?

Brynn Anderson/Associated Press

January 24, 2023

Mojo is a sports stock market that allows you to bet on the careers of athletes. The share price is like a traditional "line" in Vegas, but instead of a stat like total touchdowns, you're betting on career stats! 

Share prices move in real-time, just like sports betting lines, based on performance, news and the market signals from YOU, such as taking the over (Go Long) or under (Go Short) on a stock. Mojo uses a stock market interface to enable users to trade in and out of their bets at any time!  

Remember, a player’s Share Price reflects statistical expectations in their NFL career. For NCAA prospects, college stats only matter if they affect how the market views their NFL potential. That all starts with their expected draft position. 

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Stetson Bennett IV was a two star walk-on at the University of Georgia. He was a quarterback who wore #22 and after seeing the future NFL caliber players on the depth chart, transferred to “Jones College.” I’m serious, that was really the name of his junior college choice. 

After his third year, Bennett made his way back to UGA and was once again buried on the depth chart. He was stuck behind incumbent starter Jake Fromm in 2019 and then transfer (and former five star) JT Daniels and D’Wan Mathis to start 2020. 

After some ineffectiveness by Mathis and a mysterious injury to Daniels, Bennett was elevated to QB1 early in 2020. He had a good stretch, but saw his role shrink after a three interception game against Alabama midseason. Daniels eventually reclaimed his starting role over Bennett. Finally, he emerged as the starter in 2021 despite multiple young, high profile quarterbacks on the roster. The rest is, as we say, history.

Bennett is 28-1 over the last two seasons, was invited to New York as a Heisman finalist last month, and is a two touchdown favorite to lead Georgia to back-to-back national championships. They would be the first team to do so in the playoff era and just the third since 1990 (Nebraska 1994-95, USC 2003-04, Alabama 2011-12). 

It is truly one of the most amazing stories in sports history; a true rags to riches underdog tale. But, what does this mean for him on Mojo? Does he have an NFL future at all?

I have faded Bennett for a long time. Partly because I am obsessed with NFL upside. Partly because I am a Florida fan. It’s finally time to admit Bennett can play ball. 

He is listed at 5’11 and 190 lbs on the Georgia website and that’s probably generous. He’s somewhat mobile, but he’s not Kyler Murray or Bryce Young back there. The NFL is unlikely to give him a pass on his frame the way they did Murray and probably will Young. He was never in contention to be a high draft pick like either of them, though.

But you know what the NFL likes? Winners. And Bennett is a winner of the highest degree. His trophy room would put almost every other QB to shame despite not having a standout tool to speak of.

Yet, Bennett has some sneaky good stats over the last two seasons: 66.5% completion percentage, 6,685 yards (9.3 yards/att), 52 touchdowns and only 14 interceptions. Those are *gasp* good numbers. He also chipped in 425 rushing yards and nine rushing scores. Interestingly enough, Bennett’s last two years look alot like the production from another back-to-back national champion, AJ McCarron, with a little more pop in the run game. 

Perhaps this is where we should start the comparison with McCarron. He entered the NFL with a $4.61 share price. Bennett is $4.47 right now. McCarron was drafted in the fifth round, right where Bennett’s share price indicates he’s expected to go.

From there, McCarron started three games as a rookie, putting up a decent line of 854 yards, 65% completions, six touchdowns and two interceptions. He would only start one other game in his career, a spot-start for Houston in 2019 and has not been rostered since 2020. 

Let’s look at some other presumed backup QBs in the market: Brock Purdy ($5.00) has risen from Mr. Irrelevant in the NFL draft to leading a playoff run in San Francisco. Tyler Huntley ($5.83) has backed up Lamar Jackson his whole career. CJ Beathard ($6.75), Nick Mullens ($9.40), and Gardner Minshew ($14.69) all flashed as rookies before settling into backup roles, surfacing every once in a while to take snaps in relief. 

There are other obvious understudies like Kyle Allen ($7.97) and Trevor Simien ($11.60) who continue to float around and accumulate Mojo Value when called upon. Bennett could do that very easily.

I think his range of outcomes is somewhere within that group of players. He will be drafted as a backup and likely hold a roster spot as long as he wants to collect an NFL paycheck. The floor is quite high and a 200% or 300% rise in share price is not out of the question.

That can still be very valuable to anyone betting on Mojo. Bennett does not have to be the next Patrick Mahomes to return value from his current share price. There are so many examples of decent college QBs who stick with NFL teams. Bennett is better than decent. He is (pause to swallow my pride) a great college quarterback. 

He has shown all the intangibles and dedication to hang around until his time comes. When that happens, he has only shown that he’s up to the task. It seems inevitable Bennett’s stock will be around $5 as long as he doesn’t slide past the sixth round with the potential to rise up into double digits should he ever have a chance to start. That is some solid potential to Go Long on. 

Prices are current as of 1/4/23 at 4:00 PM EST
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