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Introducing Mojo Value
Introducing Mojo Value

March 15, 2023

Each athlete stock on Mojo has a share price that represents the market’s best guess at that athlete’s Mojo Value when they retire.

Expectations for an athlete’s future Mojo Value — and therefore share prices — constantly change, based on factors like performance, news, and market sentiment.

So your next question is probably “what’s Mojo Value?”

Glad you asked. Mojo Value is an objective statistical formula that assigns guaranteed dollar values to key boxscore stats. Here’s the formula:

Measuring impact on the field

We tirelessly studied NFL analytics to arrive at the simplest, most intuitive way to measure a player’s impact. Mojo Value is a single number calculated by weighing six important stats to summarize an athlete's impact in real life games.  The better the athlete, the more Mojo Value you should expect over any period of time.

There’s real value in Mojo Value

When an athlete retires, Mojo executes a guaranteed payout of $1 per Career Mojo Value, per share. Shares therefore have a minimum intrinsic value. Why? The guaranteed payout means that share prices can never drop below a player’s banked Mojo Value.

Note: while it’s technically possible for someone to retire with negative Mojo Value (e.g. all they do is lose yards and turn the ball over), that's an edge case at best — and even then, stocks on Mojo cannot go below $0.

The Mojo Value / Share Price relationship

The share price is the market’s best guess at career-ending Mojo Value. However, the ratio of banked Mojo Value (that value of the stats from previous games) and future Mojo Value (the expectation of future statistics) will change over time.


Maybe you never think about Mojo Value again because all you care about is that player share prices are intuitive and price movement makes sense. That’s fine! It’s still important for our customers to understand that the share price is based on an expectation for an objective statistic. Here’s a quick summary:

Banked Mojo Value
The actual Mojo Value an athlete has already generated with their on-field play from past games.

Future Mojo Value
The Mojo Value an athlete is expected to generate between today & when they retire.

Expected Career Mojo Value
The expectation for total accumulated Mojo Value for an athlete's entire career. It's the sum of Banked Mojo value + Future Mojo Value. This is also the share price.

Career Mojo Value
An athlete's career-ending total Mojo Value. Mojo offers a guaranteed payout of $1 per Mojo Value, per share.

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