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Share Prices on Mojo
Share Prices on Mojo

September 28, 2022

Share Price

Athlete share prices are the heartbeat of Mojo. They reflect the market’s consensus opinion, rank players objectively, and help settle debates.

Share prices are the latest expectations for a player’s end-of-career value. And expectations change constantly — with every play, every game, and every headline.  Essentially, the share price is like a dynamic traditional betting line on a player’s career that moves in real time like a traditional stock.

Mojo’s first-of-its-kind guaranteed retirement payout gives the stock real value at the end of an athlete’s career, but along the way, you can buy low and sell high whenever you want.

When you invest in an athlete, you’re placing your bet. Do you think they’re underrated, and the price is too low? Go Long to make money when they play well and the price rises as the market catches up to what you know.

Or are they overrated and the price is too high? Go Short to make money when they don’t live up to the hype and the price falls.

When an athlete IPOs, Mojo sets the share price, based on 40+ years of data analysis that we use to create “comps” to help us predict a player’s future. Things like draft pedigree, age, body type, speed, skills, and durability all come into play, as well as playing time considerations, supporting cast, and the offensive system in which they play.

After that, the athlete moves the price with performance, and the market moves the price with activity. The best athletes have the highest share prices, and vice versa. That’s why Tom Brady is the highest-priced athlete on Mojo, and little-known rookies are among the lowest-priced.

When you invest on Mojo, you’re making your call. Are you looking for the riskier diamond in the rough who might be the next big thing? Or the steady superstar with proven performance? And you can customize your risk and reward by adding free multipliers during the trade flow on most veterans.

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Dave Campanaro is a full time employee of Mojo. All trades are made directly with Mojo, which sets the lines as the “house.” Recommendations are for entertainment purposes only. Please use your own judgment and data to make trades. Must be 21+ and physically located in NJ to trade. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER
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