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Three Buys Before the Conference Championship
Three Buys Before the Conference Championship

Associated Press

January 27, 2023

Mojo is a sports stock market that allows you to bet on the careers of athletes. The share price is like a traditional "line" in Vegas, but instead of a stat like total touchdowns, you're betting on career stats! 

Share prices move in real-time, just like sports betting lines, based on performance, news and the market signals from YOU, such as taking the over (Go Long) or under (Go Short) on a stock. Mojo uses a stock market interface to enable users to trade in and out of their bets at any time!

Multipliers allow you to customize your risk and reward if you want to try and make more (and risk more) in a short period of time. The cool thing about multipliers is that your downside is capped at the value of your initial bet and you have unlimited upside on Long Multipliers.




As we continue our first Mojo playoffs journey, we learn something new at every corner. Last week when the Bills – who entered their game as five-point favorites – lost to the Cincinnati Bengals, nearly all their players dropped rather sharply as they went from Super Bowl contenders to being eliminated.

This is where we will see large movements in share price. The chance to win a Super Bowl and earn the coveted 5x single-game Mojo Value multiplier is just so valuable. 

Right now, we would expect each remaining team to have about 2.5 games remaining, if we consider a Super Bowl win to be 5 games played and a Super Bowl loss to be one game played.

I assume the market knows this and is efficient, so I do not see the point of simply betting on every player to increase and just waiting for 1/4 of your bets to see a large spike at the beginning of February (although I was hoping that this would be doable). 

With that, we will stick to our strategy of betting on players with Super Bowl aspirations who also appear to be relatively undervalued.

Joe Burrow ($84.29, 2x Multiplier)

Joe Burrow is absolutely a top five QB in the NFL and has an argument all the way up to the top two (we won’t pit QBs head to head records against each other to determine who is better, not even this week). Burrow and the Bengals also profile as perennial Super Bowl contenders.

Despite this, he has a lower share price than players who’ve had far less team-success like Josh Allen ($92.00) and Justin Herbert ($91.01). 

His stock also implies a career arc similar to a player like Russell Wilson, who consistently threw for 3500-4200 yards and 30+ touchdowns in his prime before showing signs of decline around 33 and 34. 

Burrow, however, has thrown for 4500 yards and ~35 touchdowns in his first two full seasons and could lead the league in passing yards in any given year with his elite efficiency combined with a high passing volume offense. 

I’m Going Long on Burrow, someone who looks like will be an elite QB for a long, long time.

Jalen Hurts ($58.45, 5x Multiplier)

Week in and week out I continue banging Jalen Hurts’ drum. His Eagles are already the class of the NFC favorite in his third year (and only his second full year as a starter) and their jump is mostly due to his development. 

Hurts has improved as a passer every single year in the NFL and ranked fifth in EPA/play as well as completion percentage over expected. Despite this, his stock price still lies between Andy Dalton and Ryan Tannehill.

The market doesn’t see Hurts as much more than a reliable starter despite his development and success. He is elite right now and has shown a full-blown obsession with improving, even dating back to college. He’s a great player to bet on.

Ja’Marr Chase ($22.82, Promotional 5x Multiplier)

Plenty of wide receivers take two or three years to grow into the NFL. In fact, we often don’t see WRs truly hit their prime until about 26 or 27. So, when a 21-year-old rookie puts up 4.8 receptions per game for 86 yards per game and .76 touchdowns per game, we know we have a generational talent on our hands.

That level of production is the second best we’ve ever seen from a rookie in terms of Mojo Value. The best just so happened to be another WR out of LSU who debuted two years ago.

Amazingly, Chase kicked it up a notch this year with 7.3 receptions per game for 87 yards and .75 touchdowns per game.

Statistically, there isn’t much of a difference between Chase’s first two years in the NFL and Justin Jefferson’s. Chase did miss a couple of games due to injury this season, but his share price of $22.82 looks light  compared to Jefferson’s $26.29. 

Add in the fact that Chase is set with Burrow as his QB and is more likely to compete for a Super Bowl over the next 10 years, Chase looks like a great player to Go Long on.

Prices are current as of 1/27/23 at 5:00 PM
Akash Patel is a contributing writer on Mojo. All trades you make are with Mojo, which sets the lines as the “house”. Recommendations are for entertainment purposes only. Please use your own judgment and data to make trades. 21+. Must be in NJ to trade. Gambling Problem? 1-800-GAMBLER
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