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Liquid Props to Bet for Super Bowl LVII
Liquid Props to Bet for Super Bowl LVII

Associated Press

February 9, 2023

If you thought betting on a player’s career earnings and Future Value was cool, wait until you find out about Mojo’s Liquid Props! They allow you to trade in and out of a prop bet instantly, much like a stock. And the best part, there’s unlimited upside. There’s no ceiling to how high a Liquid Prop can go, but you can never lose more than you bet. 

These Props will shift as the Big Game plays out live. For example, say you were to Go Long on Patrick Mahomes’ passing yards prop of $292.00 (that means his prop sits at 292 passing yards). If Mahomes has only thrown for 40 yards after the first quarter and the Chiefs have a two-score lead, it’s likely his Liquid Prop will have fallen well below $292.00. 

Hypothetically, maybe it’s at $262.00. You could cash out right there and then and be down 10.3%. You don’t have to wait for the game to end to lose your entire bet — there’s liquidity at all times!

Because of this new type of bet, there’s more than just a win or loss on your favorite prop bet. The value of your prop will rise and fall throughout the game and you can determine whether or not to cash it out or let it ride. 

In a typical sports book, if you select the over and the prop goes under, you lose. With Mojo’s Liquid Props, you may only be down a small percentage. On the flipside, as mentioned previously, there’s unlimited upside. This upside makes this type of prop bet extremely unique. If Chris Jones gets three sacks, your bet would rise nearly 400%! 

Now let’s run through a few of my favorite Super Bowl Liquid Props. Let’s go!

Jalen Hurts Rec + Rush TDs SB LVII, $0.62

With this prop, the market is essentially saying there’s a 62% chance that Hurts scores a rushing touchdown. Since it’s a Super Bowl prop, of course he has yet to earn any value, and the Future Value sits at $0.62. 

As the game goes on, this number will fluctuate up or down depending on the game script and current opportunity. If Hurts scores a touchdown at any point before the very end of the game, this number will be higher than $1.00. 

If there’s a lot of time left in the game, that number could be up to $1.50 as the market adjusts to the current situation. Maybe he scores two rushing touchdowns, at which point the share price would be higher than $2.00. 

So why should you Go Long on Hurts’ Rec + Rush TDs SB LVII prop at $0.62? Yes, he’s been dealing with a shoulder injury that has perhaps limited him on the ground. However, there appears to be a trend in how much Hurts runs and in what type of game environments he does so more often. 

In seven games decided by one score or less (eight points), Hurts is averaging 15.3 rush attempts per game. He scored eight of his 13 rushing touchdowns in those seven games. 

In 10 games decided by more than one score, he’s averaging just 5.8 rush attempts per game and has tallied just five rushing touchdowns. The Super Bowl has a current spread of just 1.5 points and opposing quarterbacks have the third-most rush attempts this season (94) against the Kansas City Chiefs. More rush attempts equals a higher probability of punching one or two into the end zone. 

Should he end the game with two rushing touchdowns, you’d be up 222.6%. A $1,000 bet would be worth $3,226.00! See the upside here? And remember, you can cash out at any time during the game at the current market value. 

Travis Kelce Rec + Rush TDs SB LVII, $0.65

Kelce has the best odds to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl according to most sports books. His Rec + Rush TDs prop is also the highest of any non-quarterback on Mojo. 

And think about it, if he scores a touchdown, you’re turning a profit. But what if he scores early on? The share price could be $1.60 rather than simply $1.00. You can make money on the Future Value of the Liquid Prop because you can cash out at any time. How cool is that!?

With a traditional anytime TD prop bet, if Kelce scores, you cash. However, there’s not that unlimited upside offered with Mojo’s Liquid Props. If he goes nuts and scores four touchdowns, you’ll be sitting pretty with an ROI of 515.4%!

Kelce has 13 receiving touchdowns in his last 11 playoff games. He has already scored multiple touchdowns in a game in this year’s playoffs, and has also done so on two other occasions since 2019. The Chiefs are also banged up across the board at wide receiver with Mecole Hardman, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and Kadarius Toney battling injuries. Kelce appears primed to have a great game (as he typically does, in the playoffs or otherwise). 

On paper, the Eagles are stingy against tight ends, allowing just three receiving touchdowns to the position so far this season on 81 receptions. That’s a touchdown rate of just 3.7%. Kelce had a touchdown rate of 11.5%. Something’s gotta give, and I’d bet on Kelce finding the end zone in the Big Game. 

Dallas Goedert Receptions SB LVII, $4.86

Goedert has been a big part of the Eagles’ game plan this season when healthy. In fact, he’s seen two or more targets on the first drive in five of his last six games played with Jalen Hurts under center. Two of those five games were competitive throughout and Goedert finished with eight and six receptions, respectively. 

This is exactly where you can have an advantage utilizing Mojo’s Liquid Props. If Goedert catches a couple balls on the first drive, you better believe that share price of $4.86 to begin the game is going up as a result. Maybe it turns into $6.40. If he catches four balls in the first half, maybe that number goes all the way up to $8.10. 

That’s the benefit of the Liquid Prop, there’s unlimited upside and you can cash out at any time during the game.

With the Super Bowl expected to be tight, I really like Goedert to remain heavily involved throughout. He’ll help keep the chains moving as Hurts’ security blanket as the Chiefs likely keep their secondary back to avoid the big play. 

Additionally, the Chiefs allowed the eighth-most fantasy points to slot receivers this season (per Razzball). Goedert isn’t a slot wide receiver by position, but he has operated out of the slot 24.1% of the time this season (per PlayerProfiler).

Go Long on Goedert’s Receptions prop for SB LVII for two reasons: he’s typically been heavily involved on first drives and if the game remains competitive, it’s likely he sees at least seven or eight targets. 

With a season-long catch percentage of 79.7%, that would equate to between 5.6 and 6.4 receptions by game’s end. With the current share price of $4.86, you’d be looking at a 15.2% - 31.7% ROI with the opportunity for much more. 

And if you want, take advantage of his early catches and cash out. In fact, that could be what yields the highest ROI if you play it right. Remember, that number could skyrocket if he has a fast start. 

Prices are current as of 2/8/23 at 2:30 PM
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