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About Mojo

What is Mojo?

Mojo is the Sports Stock Market, an innovative twist to the sportsbook, with probability-based odds, Live Cashouts, and a one-of-a-kind player prop selection. There are two ways to play Mojo — Mojo Fantasy outside of New Jersey, and Mojo Sportsbook in New Jersey.

What happens to the career bets I had placed on Mojo

All open career bets have been settled and can be viewed in your transaction history on the app.

How does Mojo work?

Mojo turns the bets you know and love — props, moneylines, and more — into stocks, with share prices that move in real time, based on performance, news, and more. Unlike the opaque, random (and let’s face it, lame) cashouts at other sportsbooks, you always know exactly what your stock is worth on Mojo.

How do I make money?

Buy low and sell high! Just like the traditional stock market, the goal is to find value. Think a team or athlete is underrated? Get in before the market catches up. Think they're overrated? You can Short stocks, too, to make money if they fall short of expectations.

What does “Go Long” mean on Mojo?

You'll notice that when trading a Career Stock, you have the option to Go Long or Go Short.

If you think a player is underrated, Go Long (take the over) to make money as the stock price goes up. If you think a player is overrated, Go Short (take the under) to make money as the stock price goes down.

What does “Go Short” mean on Mojo?

You'll notice that when trading a Career Stock, you have the option to Go Long or Go Short.

If you think a player is underrated, Go Long (take the over) to make money as the stock price goes up. If you think a player is overrated, Go Short (take the under) to make money as the stock price goes down.

What is a Multiplier?

When you place a trade on a Career Stock, you’ll see the option to add a Multiplier. Multipliers act the way they sound — they multiply your profits or loss. The best part about adding a Multiplier to your bet is that winnings are unlimited and you can never lose more than you put down. 

Here’s how they work: With a 10x multiplier, a 1% return becomes 10%, a 2% return becomes 20%, and so on. 

Multipliers range from 2x to 15x and their fees differ depending on the size, athlete, and any limited time promotions.

Want to learn more? Check out our blog post on Multipliers.

Are there any additional trading costs?

Career Stocks: There’s a 5% fee when you open a trade, but no cost to cash out or let the bet auto-settle.

Props and Game Stocks: There’s no fee to open a trade or let it settle. If you want to sell your shares anytime during the game, you can Live Cashout. Your Live Cashout share price is usually just $.04 less than the market price.

Is Mojo legal?

Yes. We’re a state licensed and regulated sportsbook currently operating in New Jersey, with oversight from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. We’ll be expanding to more states soon. 

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In which states is Mojo available?

Anyone in the U.S. can download Mojo and explore athlete share prices, track the market, compare players, and more. We’re currently open for trading exclusively in New Jersey, and we’ll be expanding to more states soon. 

Sign up to get updates as we add new states, new players, and new features.

How does Mojo keep my money safe?

Mojo is the first-ever fully licensed and regulated sports stock market, so you can trade, deposit, and withdraw with 100% confidence. All deposits are securely held, dollar for dollar, in a separate bank account with oversight of financial reserves.

Industry-best security practices including data encryption and two-factor authentication ensure that your money — and personal information — are protected.

How is Mojo different than a traditional sportsbook?

Mojo offers Live Trading, making it the most exciting way to bet on sports like stocks. With Live Trading, you can track trades and cash out in real time throughout your bet. No more dead money or bad beats. You’re in control, with the most liquidity offered by any sportsbook.

Share Prices

What is the share price?

Each stock on Mojo has a share price that represents its latest fair-market value. This is the price you can buy or sell a stock for anytime. Share prices move in real-time based on performance, news, and market sentiment — just like a traditional stock.

How is Mojo Value calculated?

Each sport has its own Mojo Value formula. Here is the NFL formula and we'll release the others when new sports are launched on Mojo.


  • $1.25 per 100 Steals
  • $1.25 per 100 Blocks
  • $1 per 100 Points
  • $.75 per 100 Assists
  • $.50 per 100 Rebounds
  • $.50 per 100 3 PTs Made
  • $.25 per 100 Plus-Minus
  • - $1.25 per 100 Turnovers
  • - $1 per 100 FG Missed
  • - $.50 per 100 FT Missed

*Athletes playing in the NBA Finals will get a 5x bonus for their stats in every game their team wins.


  • $.01 per 10 Yards
  • $.01 per First Down
  • $.02 per Touchdown
  • $.02 per Explosive Play (40+ yards)
  • -$.04 per Turnover
  • -$.01 per Sack

*Super Bowl Bonus: Members of the winning Super Bowl team get a one-time 5x Mojo Value bonus for that game.

MLB Hitters

  • $0.05 per Base (TB + BB + SB + HBP)
  • $0.01 per 9 Innings Played at C/SS/CF
  • - $0.02 per Out (AB - H + CS + GIDP)
  • - $0.01 per Strikeout

*MLB Hitters playing in the World Series will get a 5x bonus for their stats in each game their team wins.

MLB Pitchers

  • $0.05 per Inning Pitched
  • $0.02 per Save
  • $0.03 per Strikeout
  • - $0.05 per Earned Run Allowed 
  • - $0.04 per BB/HBP
  • - $.10 per Home Run Allowed

*MLB Pitchers playing in the World Series will get a 5x bonus for their stats in each game their team wins.

What is Mojo Value and how does it relate to a Career Stock's share price?

Mojo Value is the stat at the heart of the sports stock market. To calculate the Mojo Value an athlete has earned, we created a formula assigning dollar amounts to key statistics in each sport. 

A Career Stock’s share price is the expected Mojo Value for an athlete’s entire career, and is made of two parts: what they’ve earned (Earned Mojo Value) and what the market thinks they’ll earn (Future Mojo Value). 

Earned Mojo Value + Future Mojo Value = Share Price 

What do “Earned Value” and “Future Value” mean?

Earned Value: The stats an athlete has earned so far in their career. 

Future Value: The stats the market expects them to earn in the future.

Earned Value + Future Value = Expected Career Value (aka Share Price) 

You can use the Mojo Value formula to calculate what an athlete has earned (Earned Mojo Value) and then make your call on whether you think the market’s expectations for their Future Mojo Value is too high or too low. 

What makes a share price move?

Mojo is “the house,” and we move share prices the same way traditional sportsbooks move their lines — based on athlete performance, news, and market sentiment.

Events like trades, signing, injuries, playing time, suspensions, etc. that happen outside of the game also affect career expectations — both positively and negatively. 

For example: If Patrick Mahomes plays well, his share price will go up. But it could also go up if the team signs a new player to give him more weapons. Or it could go down if he loses a favorite receiver, like Travis Kelce.

How much do Career Stock share prices move?

Weekly movement could be anywhere between 5-10%, monthly could be 20-25%, season-to-season could be 50-75%, and long-term can be 1000% or even 5000%. 

With Mojo, you can trade in and out anytime over the course of an athlete’s career, so unlike traditional sports betting, winning or losing is not an all-or-nothing proposition. 

To supercharge your bet and see bigger returns, add when you place a trade. Each stock has the option to add a Multiplier, with returns up to 15x.

How does a guaranteed payout give Mojo Career Stocks real value?

Mojo’s guaranteed payout at the end of an athlete’s career is based on objective stats, which gives the stock real value. If an athlete ends their career today, you’re guaranteed to receive their accumulated Earned Mojo Value.

You can find the Mojo Value formula for each sport in the FAQ above, "How Mojo Value is Calculated".

Stock Settlement

What happens to a Career Stock when a player retires?

Because athletes announce their retirement while they're still playing, change their minds (looking at you, Tom), or their careers end without ever announcing a retirement, we’ve created specific criteria for a bet to auto-settle.

The bet is auto-settled when an athlete meets our criteria, and Mojo pays shareholders the Earned Value of the stock — guaranteed.

What if an athlete never announces their retirement?

An athlete can still be delisted from the market, and their stock auto-settled, even if they never announce their retirement. 

For example, this could happen if an athlete is un-rostered for a certain period of time, or cut by a team and never picked up by another one. 

What happens if a player un-retires?

If a player changes their mind after their stock has settled, or they’re signed to a new contract, they’ll be re-listed with a new share price. Previous settlements for that athlete stock are not affected.

When do stocks settle on Mojo?

Mojo’s Live Cashouts let you cash in and out of your bet in real time. If you decide not to cash out, stocks automatically settle just like a traditional sportsbook, usually within one hour of the bet’s conclusion.

Mojo’s Career Stocks have specific settlement criteria depending on whether an athlete is rostered, announces retirement, etc. Here’s a breakdown by league:

  • NFL Career Stocks auto-settle on Mojo if the athlete has not been on a roster at any point during the first or last four weeks of the NFL season. At that point the stock settles, and Mojo pays shareholders cash.

NOTE: A non-rostered athlete’s stock will not auto-settle if they are:

  • On the Exempt list
  • On the Injured Reserve list
  • On the Injured Reserve – Designated to Return list
  • On the Non-Football-related Injury Reserve list
  • On a Practice squad
  • On the Physically Unable to Perform list
  • Suspended
  • NBA Career Stocks auto-settle on Mojo if the athlete is at least 23 years old and has not been on an NBA or G-League Active Roster during the LAST four weeks of the NBA season. At that point the stock will settle, and Mojo pays shareholders cash.
  • MLB Career Stocks auto-settle on Mojo if the athlete was previously on a 40-man roster, but is not on a 40-man roster by June 1st of the following season. 

NOTE: A stock will also settle if the athlete is not on the 40-man Roster of an MLB team by June 1st of the fifth (5th) year after their affiliated professional debut, or any year after.

& College Athletes

What’s different about betting on future stars?

Share prices for all Career Stocks on Mojo, including those of college athletes and prospects, are based on the expectations for that athlete’s major pro career. When you trade a prospect’s Career Stock, you’re betting on whether they’ll make it to the big leagues, and how well they’ll perform when they get there. 

Bet on future stars to increase the excitement. If they make it? You’re in early. If they don’t, their stock will auto-settle at $0. 

How is a prospect’s share price calculated?

Share prices for all athletes on Mojo are based on the expectations for that athlete’s major pro career. Prospects’ stats in college or other pro leagues don’t count. Athletes only earn Mojo Value if and when they play in the major leagues. 

What makes a prospect’s share price move?

Prospect share prices move based on anything that affects the expectation for their future career in the major leagues, including whether they’ll even make it there.  

Because the college market is driven by future professional performance, the expected draft position plays a huge role. Higher draft picks get more opportunities, and a longer leash. In addition to performance, recruiting pedigree, historical comparisons, size, arm strength, and speed can also alter a player's draft position and drive their share price up or down.

Why can I only Go Long on some college athletes?

We’ve created a way for you to bet on stars as soon as you spot them. Going Long on an athlete enables you to get in early on their future success in the major professional leagues (rather than rooting against them by Going Short).

However, once an athlete is considered for the draft and closer to entering the professional league, you’ll be able to Go Short on their stock as well. 

What happens if a prospect doesn’t make it to a major professional league?

If a prospect does not sign with a major pro team, their share price auto-settles at $0 and all positions are closed. 

For NFL prospects, this will happen if they are not on an NCAA roster at the beginning of the season and have not applied for the next NFL draft. 

What happens if a prospect makes it to a major professional league?

When a college athlete or prospect makes it to a major pro team, they’ll be able to start accumulating Mojo Value. 

If you placed a bet on one of these athletes: nice! Now you have potential to grow your position even more or cash out whenever you want to. 


What are the market hours?

The Mojo market is open from 9:00am to 1:00am, seven days a week. 

What are trading halts?

We do our best to keep the market fully liquid. However, occasionally there are trading halts due to an unclear line-up, uncertainty during the game (like an injury or instant replay), or during overnight hours. 

For NBA stocks, there may also be trading halts when the athlete is off the court, or in the last few minutes of the game. 

Please note that even when there are trading halts or the market is closed, you can still deposit or withdraw your money and explore athletes. 

Who am I buying from/selling to?

Mojo is “the house.” You’re always trading directly with us, which means you have instant liquidity — so you can open and close positions anytime, without having to worry about a buyer/seller relationship.

Are there bet limits?

Yes. Limits vary by athlete, bet type, duration, and game status. All limits are subject to change.

Can I see the numbers behind Mojo?

Sure! You can download .csv files to explore the stats and data that drive Mojo Value.

See the Data

How can I contact Mojo if I have more questions?

We're here to help 9am-1am EST, seven days a week