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Late Season Injury Roundup
Late Season Injury Roundup

Associated Press

January 31, 2023

Mojo is a sports stock market that allows you to bet on the careers of athletes. The share price is like a traditional "line" in Vegas, but instead of a stat like total touchdowns, you're betting on career stats! 

Share prices move in real-time, just like sports betting lines, based on performance, news and the market signals from YOU, such as taking the over (Go Long) or under (Go Short) on a stock. Mojo uses a stock market interface to enable users to trade in and out of their bets at any time!

Multipliers allow you to customize your risk and reward if you want to try and make more (and risk more) in a short period of time. The cool thing about multipliers is that your downside is capped at the value of your initial bet and you have unlimited upside on Long Multipliers.

Let us walk you through some recent injury news and how it will affect these players' careers!

Jameson Williams, $13.14

After tearing his ACL in last year’s CFP National Championship and missing the first eleven games of the year, Williams finished his rookie campaign with one catch for 41 yards and a TD. 

While the overall production was lackluster, his talent and speed are top notch. He’s also found himself in one of the most explosive offenses in the league with the Lions and I expect Williams to have his breakout season next year. His combination of pedigree, speed, situation, and being another year removed from his ACL reconstruction will help lead to a big season.

To date, Williams has earned just $0.16 in Mojo value and the market expects $12.98 in Future Value. His share price is 42nd highest among NFL WRs, and it has remained relatively unchanged (-0.7%) since being drafted. 

Williams can be one of the most explosive players in the league beginning next year and I, like the market, am very bullish on him. He’s a great long-term buy and it wouldn’t surprise me his share price approaches that of DJ Moore ($17.96) or Jaylen Waddle ($16.78) sooner rather than later.

Chris Godwin, $15.47

After sustaining an ACL and MCL tear in his right knee last December, Godwin was able to put another quality season together. He even unexpectedly returned in time for the season opener, although he did suffer a hamstring strain in that game. That was most likely a result of his ACL reconstruction not being 100%, and it cost Godwin two games. 

All in all, Godwin finished with 104 catches for 1,023 yards with three TDs. Yet, his average YPC has decreased every year since 2019 (15.5 in 2019, 12.9 in 2020, 11.3 in 2021 and 9.8 this year). That has caused his career expectations to sour some and Godwin’s share price is down 16.9% over the past year.

With the uncertainty surrounding Tampa Bay and Tom Brady, I’d be inclined to Go Short on Godwin. If Brady leaves, who is throwing Godwin the ball? Say Godwin were to be traded, then I would be more inclined to Go Long with him due to him being in a likely more stable offense. 

However, due to the reasons just described, I would Go Short. For what it’s worth, the market expects just $5.68 in Future Value from the 26-year-old. That’s less than similarly experienced receivers Juju Smith-Schuster ($7.26) and Christian Kirk ($8.85).  

Chris Olave, $14.86

One of the bright spots for New Orleans’ offense this year, Olave was a standout as a rookie. He finished his season with 72 catches for 1,042 yards, 4 TDs and a 14.5 YPC. That’s not too shabby with Andy Dalton as your QB, especially considering Olave missed one game with a hamstring strain.

In turn, his share price rose 25.5% since the start of the season, third most among all rookie WRs. His share price of $14.86 is 29th highest among NFL WRs, right in between DeVonta Smith and Deebo Samuel. 

Despite his flare up at the end of the season, there are no significant injury concerns when it pertains to Olave. Occasional hamstring strains are fairly typical for WRs, especially one as explosive as Olave.

He is a superstar in the making, and could get an upgrade at QB this offseason with the Saints likely in the market for veterans like Jimmy Garoppolo and Derek Carr. The market expects $13.39 in Future Value, and Olave is the perfect player to Go Long on, and feel relatively good about. 

Kenny Pickett, $20.62

A big reason Pittsburgh made a late season push for the postseason was the improved play of Pickett. While his numbers weren’t overly impressive, Pickett avoided turnovers and managed the offense efficiently. 

He finished his rookie campaign with 2,404 yards passing, 7 TDs, 9 INTs, and a 76.7 QB rating. For what it’s worth, six of those nine INTs came in two separate games, both in October just after he was named the starter. He dealt with a late season concussion too, but it doesn’t seem like a long term concern.

Pickett’s share price increased +5.6% over the last month, and is up 48.6%% since the season began. He will close his rookie season with the 37th highest share price for an NFL QB and I expect that number to rise next year.

The Steelers remain one of the best organizations in the league and I expect them to surround him with even more weapons next season as well as bolstering their offensive line. Pickett is another safe long term play, and I’m Going Long before what could be a big jump in year two.

Prices are current as of 1/31/2023 at 7:00 AM
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