Buy and sell moneylines, spreads, props, and career stocks instantly, in real time.

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Mojo offers the most innovative selection in sports, with one-of-a-kind bets you can’t find anywhere else.

Moneylines & Spreads

Trade in and out with the momentum of the game.

Player Props

Traditional over/unders and one-of-a-kind bets with massive upside.

Career Stocks

The only place to bet on an athlete’s entire career.


American odds are super confusing. We use share prices to represent probability, instead.

For instance, $.25 means there's a 25% chance to win. If you hold your bet, there are two outcomes: $1/share if you win, and $0 if you lose.

Calculate Payout

Share Price

The share price equals the probability of the outcome occurring, similar to American Odds.

For example, if the Giants are trading at a buy of $0.50, then the probability of them winning is 50% (or +100).

 If they do win, then the price settles at $1.00/share.
Share Price
American Odds
Max Payout
Note: Fees not included
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Every stock on Mojo offers Live Cashout — the unparalleled ability to trade in and out in real time to collect profits or cut losses.

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Mojo’s Uptime


5-star reviews

Mojo is the most customer-friendly, transparent app in the industry, offering real help from real people in real time

This app is the perfect combination of trading and sports betting! Love following how the market moves on Sunday’s and excited to see more sports added to the platform in the future. Oh and I forgot to add that the interface is AMAZING!


Customer service also blows every other betting service away. You text them directly and they respond back within minutes and you have a conversation with a real person!! I look forward to investing with Mojo for many years to come.

Uncle Hambone

Love using this app, the UI is super clean…Mojo’s got an even better a customer service offering relative to other sports books that allow you to directly text representatives. Totally foresee myself being a customer here for the long haul


Best place to bet on my favorite athletes…there is nothing else like it. Not only do I have player stocks in the nba, nfl, and mlb, but I can also bet money lines and props now as well. The customer service and vip events have been an amazing perk of the app. Looking forward to more sports to come.


Sports Betting Evolved! Mojo is a fantastic app that continues to make updates & enhancements. I would recommend this app even if you have no interest in betting, but just love sports


MOJO is the BEST. I have only been using Mojo for a few weeks now but I absolutely LOVE it. I have finally been able to put my obsessive sports knowledge to the test by investing in athletes and watching their price move based on performance. I would recommend this app to any sports fan, it’s way better than betting!


A very new and exciting way to bet…love using Mojo. I’m excited to see how it will grow…and they have a great customer service team who’ll help with anything.


Also the customer service is unbelievable. They are always very personable and helpful.

Jay Scott Dee

Let's go! Check your texts for a link to the App Store.
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Outside of New Jersey? Download Mojo Fantasy