Important Update

Mojo Fantasy App, meet Fliff. Plus more news!

January 12, 2024

We’re thrilled to bring you two exciting updates from the Mojo team!

1. Mojo Fantasy App → Fliff

First up, we’re proud to announce that our Mojo Fantasy app has been spun off to our friends at Fliff as part of a larger partnership. Want to know what this means for you, Mojo Fantasy customer? Head straight to Fliff and get the details.

2. All-In on Archie

After promising results, we’re doubling down on Archie, our revolutionary pricing, trading, and risk management system. And guess what? We’re on the hunt for top-tier talent! If you’re a data scientist or engineer with a knack for sports and innovation, we want you on our team.

We’re beyond excited for this next chapter. With the Mojo Fantasy app finding a new home at Fliff and our full focus on Archie, we’re ready to continue to push sports betting forward. Stay tuned for more updates on the horizon.

— The Mojo Team

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