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What Does a Typical Wide Receiver Season Look Like on Mojo
What Does a Typical Wide Receiver Season Look Like on Mojo

September 22, 2022

Written By Dalton Kates

Share prices on Mojo are the market’s expectations for career-ending mVAL.

Wide receivers average shorter careers and have less impact in real life compared to quarterbacks, which is why they have lower share prices on Mojo.

Knowing what to expect from a wide receiver each season is critical to making a decision whether to long or short a player’s share price. Here are the average seasons for how wide receivers accumulate mVAL in a given regular season.

Here’s some examples of the type of WRs to hit these percentiles on a year-by-year basis.

  • 25th percentile - Jamison Crowder’s 2018 season (418 total yards and two touchdowns)
  • 50th percentile - Christian Kirk’s 2019 season (802 total yards and three touchdowns)
  • 75th percentile - Stefon Diggs’ 2021 regular season (1,255 total yards and 10 touchdowns)
  • 90th percentile - Calvin Johnson’s 2012 season (1,964 total yards and five touchdowns)

In 2021, there were three 90th percentile or better (3.1 or more) mVAL seasons from wide receivers. Cooper Kupp was the highest performing wide receiver by mVAL last year with 4.96.

Jerry Rice (48.3) has the most mVAL all-time among wide receivers as of this writing.

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