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Week 13 Preview
Week 13 Preview

Associated Press

January 24, 2023

Stock prices based on 7D movement

Jets @ Vikings

Mike White (+32.7%) draws Minnesota on Sunday. His stock is +100% since November 1st, when it became clear that Zach Wilson wasn’t the guy. A $1k bet on White with his Multiplier last month would be worth over $4k right now! Think you're too late? His future value is still lower than Nick Mullens and SAM DARNOLD.

Giants vs Commanders

Will Daniel Jones (+0.2%) be the Giants starter next season? How he plays over the next few weeks could determine that. And Playoff stats count on Mojo, which makes wins even more important for his stock. His $10.55 in Future Value is in the same range as Jared Goff, Ryan Tannehill, and Geno Smith: three other QBs who have a tenuous grasp on long-term roles.

Falcons vs Steelers

Is Kenny Pickett (-1.5%) a franchise QB? His stock has completely stalled (-1%) over the last month after jumping 40% when he got the starting job. Expect volatility in December based on whether he looks like the next Zach Wilson... or a franchise QB.

Packers @ Bears

Jordan Love (+16.3%) or Aaron Rodgers (-0.4%)? That’s the question being asked in Green Bay after Love’s very encouraging appearance last Sunday. His stock has sunk 70% since being drafted in 2020 and the market expects him to have a similar career to QBs like CJ Beathard and Tyler Huntley. Expect a sharp rise if he plays and continues to look competent.

Jaguars @ Lions

Trevor Lawrence (+0.7%) may have had his first signature game last week, now can he build on it against the Lions’ weak defense? He still has the fifth most Future Value in the market, and that’s based almost entirely on pedigree. Betting on Lawrence with his 5x Multiplier still feels like the right idea.

Eagles vs Titans

What is Jalen Hurts’ (+1.6%) ceiling? His stock has risen over 70% so far this season, the most for any QB in our market whose share price was greater than $3 on opening night, on the idea that his strong play will ensure he is a starter for longer than we expected heading into the season. This could be a good time to go against the grain and Go Short on Hurts though, seeing that no QB who’s ever used their legs this much has really stuck around for the long haul.

Broncos @ Ravens

It’s hard to argue anyone has had a more disappointing season than Russell Wilson (-1.9%). His stock has fallen 10% amidst his woes, yet the market still expects him to accrue about $17 worth of Future Value for the rest of his career. Wilson has averaged approximately $0.43 in Mojo Value per game over the course of his career, and that’s when he was playing well. He needs to play WELL in about 40 more games to reach that number. His massive contract may keep him on the field enough to do that but it looks like a tall task at the moment.

Texans vs Browns

What to make of Dameon Pierce (-4.5%)? His role has diminished over the last few weeks after a strong start to his career. Now he looks more like the role player his draft status (fourth round pick) destined him to be. The market expects him to earn the eighth most Future Value of any RB in the market and WELL more than any other Day 3 pick. It’s hard to rationalize him having a more productive career than Rhamondre Stevenson (-0.8%) from this point on.

Seahawks @ Rams

Geno Smith (+1.6%) has been one of the stars of this season. His stock has risen 65% since opening night on the idea that he can keep up this caliber of play not just this year, but beyond. A $1k bet on Geno preseason would be worth over $7.5k right now with his Multiplier!

Dolphins @ 49ers

Tua Tagovailoa (+5.2%) has silenced his doubters this year and become one of the most efficient QBs in the NFL. His stock has risen 45% already this season, but his share price is still just $3 more than Carson Wentz (-0.1%). Even if Tagovailoa’s stock rises another 50%, it’ll be at the same level as Dak Prescott (+0.1%). That is plenty of room for growth.

Bengals vs Chiefs

Joe Burrow (+0.3%) has the fourth most Future Value in the market, behind Josh Allen (+0.2%), Justin Herbert (+0.8%), and this week’s foe Patrick Mahomes (+1.9%). However, there’s a strong case that Burrow could leapfrog the others and be right behind Mahomes. Allen’s play style and constant turnovers make his longevity somewhat questionable and Herbert has struggled to elevate his team. Remember, playoff stats count on Mojo and Burrow looks to be a mainstay there after last season’s heroics. 

Raiders vs Chargers

Josh Jacobs (+6.2%) is one of the most difficult players to speculate on in the market. He currently has the 11th highest share price for a RB at $15.91. That number sunk to a yearly low of $11.83 towards the end of September after LV declined his 5th year option and he got off to a middling start this season. Now, he looks like one of the most dynamic players in football. Storylines can change quickly.

Prices are current as of 12/4/22 at 11:00 AM EST
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