Important Update

Mojo has entered into a letter of intent to sell certain technology as part of an exciting, large partnership.

While we cannot yet announce the details of the contemplated deal, it does mean that we unfortunately will be closing our sportsbook operations in the one state where we operated, New Jersey.

To be clear, Mojo as a company isn’t going anywhere. Closing our NJ sportsbook was a difficult decision but it’s the right move with our forthcoming new partnership. We will continue to look at ways to bring back our sports stock market as a national 50 state product.

There are also some exciting changes and updates ahead for Mojo Fantasy that we can’t quite share yet. In the meantime, Mojo Fantasy will no longer be offering new contests. We plan to announce our plans for Mojo Fantasy in the New Year.

Mojo will also continue to develop and operate Archie, our groundbreaking pricing, trading, and risk management systems.

We’re so grateful for your trust in, and passion for, our products, and we thank you for your support. Keep your mojo going out there!

Note: If you have an active balance or had any open positions in our NJ sportsbook, please check your email or your account for more information, including how to easily withdraw.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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