Mojo is now live in New Jersey!
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State licensed and regulated
NJ Division of Gaming Approval

Mojo is a licensed sportsbook operating in, and regulated by, the state of New Jersey. We’ve made the choice to be regulated on a state-by-state basis, with the rules of our market strictly enforced by a neutral third party — the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

We’ll be expanding to more states soon!


• Customers can withdraw their funds at any time.
• We hold all customers' deposits, dollar for dollar, in a segregated bank account with oversight of our financial reserves by state regulatory officials.
• Our customers’ safety, security, and enjoyment are our top priorities. That’s why we’ve chosen to be state licensed and regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE).

What’s the DGE?

The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) is a law enforcement agency and the investigative arm of the casino regulatory system responsible for enforcing the Casino Control Act. The DGE’s workforce consists of attorneys, investigators, and accountants, and is supported by New Jersey State Troopers and Division of Criminal Justice prosecutors.

What does “licensed and regulated” mean?

We operate with the same oversight as traditional sportsbooks and casinos, with daily, weekly, and monthly audits by the DGE. Regulators oversee Mojo’s trade volume, financial reserves, and all aspects of our business practices.

Is my money safe? Is it accessible?

Every dollar deposited on the Mojo app is held in a bank account overseen by the DGE, which you’re able to withdraw at any time. We do not — and cannot — access that money for any purpose other than withdrawals at your direction. Our financial reserves are consistently monitored in monthly audits, to ensure that we meet all thresholds for liquidity.

What happens if Mojo goes out of business?

While we’re confident that won’t happen, we’re required by law to be prepared. We hold all customers' deposits, dollar for dollar, in a segregated bank account with oversight of our financial reserves. In the unlikely event that Mojo closes its doors, we will refund all deposits and pending wagers.

World-class investors

Mojo has raised over $100M to date from both institutional and angel investors. This includes Thrive Capital (which led Mojo’s $75M Series A), Tiger Global, Fin Capital, and Courtside Ventures, as well as Marc Lore, Alex Rodriguez, the NFL Players Association, The Chainsmokers’ Mantis Ventures, Chris Rock, Gary Vaynerchuk, Michael Kives, Jason Derulo, Jack Abraham, Morris Bailey, and others.

NFLPA backingTiger Global investment backingThrive Capital investment backing
Courtside investment backingMantis investment backingFin Capital investment backingTriple Point investment backing
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