VIP NBA Finals 25% Loss Back

Promotion Terms: 

Overview: The VIP NBA Playoff Finals 25% Loss-Back Promo (the “Promotion”) offers invited users to receive 25% of their losses back in bonus at the end of the Finals, after wagering during the promotion period. In order to be eligible, patrons must wager at least $250 during the promotional period. 

The registered users must be invited to participate. Patrons will be invited via email. 

Loss-Back is defined as the amount of dollars lost on those respective wagers. 

Eligible Users:  Invite-only VIPs and pVIPs.

Promotion Period: Invited users must wager on the available eligible NBA Playoff bets from 9:00 AM ET Tuesday, June 4, 2023, to 2:00 AM ET, Friday, July 30, 2023 (or in conclusion of the last game played in the 4th round).

Action Required: In order to be eligible, invited users must wager at least $250 on eligible NBA Playoff bets from 9:00 AM ET Thursday, June 4, 2023, to 2:00 AM ET, Friday, June 30, 2023.

Promotion Offer: 

  • Starting in Game 2 of the Finals, the invited user will receive 25% of their NBA Playoff Round Four net-losses, back in bonus within 48 hours after the Promotion Period.
  • Users must wager a minimum $250 during the Promotion Period to qualify for the promotion. 
  • Users are eligible for up to $5,000 in maximum bonus. 
  • Users net-loss will be a running accumulative number that becomes final at the end of the Round Four.

Additional T’s and C’s:

  • Any wagers made outside of the Promotion Period will not be eligible for the promotion offer.

User Eligibility 

The Promotion is available to invited users who have an active and verified Mojo account (the “User Account”).  Users must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age and be physically present in the state of New Jersey in order to take part in the promotion. 

Individuals on any involuntary state gambling exclusion list, state gambling self-exclusion list, and/or self-exclusion list of any subsidiary of Mojo Entertainment, Inc. are not eligible to receive the promotional offer. See the Mojo site Terms and Conditions for information on eligibility for creating and using a User Account.  

How to Redeem Promotion Offer

The Promotion Offer will be credited within 72 hours from sign-up if all promotional requirements were met. No further action is necessary. Promotion Offer recipients will be solely responsible for all federal, state, and local taxes, and for any other fees or costs associated with the Promotion Offer received, regardless of whether the Promotion Bonus, in whole or in part, is used. The Promotion Offer value may be reported for tax purposes as required by law.

Mojo Entertainment, Inc. is not responsible for any undeliverable or unread email to a user’s email inbox associated with their User Account due to reasons that include, but are not limited to, user unsubscribes, locked or banned User Accounts, bounces/spam traps/filters implemented by the user’s the email service provider/email settings, incorrect/outdated/misspelled email addresses provided by the user upon registration, etc.

Registration Procedures

To qualify for the Promotion, eligible individuals must successfully register for a User Account. Creating a User Account on the Mojo website is free. By submitting your information and creating a User Account, however, participants will be required to agree to the Sponsor’s 

Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to the Sponsor’s Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, you cannot create a User Account or participate in this Promotion. See the Mojo website Terms and Conditions for information on eligibility for creating and using a User Account. No additional registration procedures are required to qualify for the Promotion.

Promotional Participation Limitations

In addition to the User Eligibility requirements outlined in Section 3, the Sponsor reserves the right to refuse or otherwise restrict your eligibility to participate in any Promotion for any reason, in our sole discretion, including based on your wagering patterns or wagering history or if you failed to take advantage of any previous Promotion in good faith. This Promotion is void where prohibited by law. 

Order of Funds Used for Wagering

All bonus cash awarded by the Sponsor is non-withdrawable upon receipt. When placing any wager from your User Account, funds in your User Account wallet are applied according to the following priority:

  1. Real cash funds
  2. Bonus cash funds

Bonus cash funds are eligible to be wagered in line with all the following requirements (“Play Through Requirements”) in order to be converted to withdrawable real cash:

  • Bonus cash awarded is subject to a one (1) time wager requirement.
  • Bonus cash can be converted to your real cash balance only after the following conditions are met: (1) a first-time deposit has been made by a user with cash funds into their User Account; (2) the amount of the bet(s) placed with real cash is greater than or equal to the total amount of any "Active" bonus cash award; and (3) the bet(s) placed with bonus cash is settled.
  • If a user has a real cash balance less than the amount of "Active" bonus cash, the user must wager bonus cash in an amount greater than or equal to the total amount of any "Active" bonus cash award to convert the balance to real cash funds.

Restrictions on Withdrawal of Funds 

Bonus cash funds awarded are not transferable and cannot be substituted except in the Sponsor’s sole discretion. Bonus cash funds may only be used for wagering on your User Account. Bonus cash funds may be withdrawn from your User Account once they have met all Play Through Requirements. 


To cancel participation in this or any promotion, contact customer support by email at with your cancellation request. Upon cancellation, you may withdraw any funds you have deposited into your account without restriction or Sportsbook Play Through Requirements. However, any sportsbook bonus cash amount in your account shall remain subject to the Sportsbook Play Through Requirements (see Section 9) before it may be withdrawn.

Questions Regarding Offer

For any further questions regarding this Promotion, please contact our Customer Experience team by email at

Other Terms and Conditions

  • In the event of any discrepancy or conflict between these Promotion Terms and Conditions and the Standard Promotional Terms listed in the Mojo Terms and Conditions, these Promotion Terms and Conditions shall govern and prevail. 
  • All promotions are subject to the Sponsor’s Privacy Policy and General Terms and Conditions.
  • You may only have one (1) active User Account at any one (1) time.
  • By accepting any bonus cash, award, or offer associated with the Promotion, registered users agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions of this Promotion offer.
  • Offer subject to regulatory approval. Void where prohibited by law.
  • User Account holders are responsible for any and all local, state, or federal taxes.
  • Sponsor is not responsible, and shall have no liability, for any errors or omissions in any advertising for the Promotion. Nor shall the Sponsor be liable for computer, device, or program malfunctions. If an Eligible Wager is posted as a result of a malfunction, or in “obvious error” (defined in the Mojo website Terms and Conditions), the Sponsor reserves the right, at our own discretion, to cancel or reject the Eligible Wager. In the event of cancellation, your account will be refunded the wagering amount. The Sponsor is not liable for any erroneous issuance of bonus awards. 
  • Sponsor reserves the right to exclude certain registered users from this promotion, as well as the right to withhold the bonus reward for any reason, in our sole discretion, including based on your wagering patterns or wagering history or if you failed to take advantage of any previous Mojo promotion in good faith.
  • Sponsor expressly reserves the right to amend, suspend or terminate this Promotion at any time without prior notice or consent. Administration of this Promotion is at the sole discretion of the Sponsor. 
  • Sponsor reserves the right to restrict at any time any User Account holder from participating in this Promotion for any reason. Any questions relating to eligibility, these Promotion Terms and Conditions or any other questions concerning this Promotion will be resolved at the sole discretion of the Sponsor and its decisions will be final and binding with respect thereto. No groups, clubs, corporations, companies, partnerships, or organizations may participate in this Promotion or reproduce or distribute any portion of these Terms and Conditions to their members.
  • Any User Account holder who is found to be ineligible to play on Mojo immediately forfeits any bonus cash, award, or offer associated with the Promotion.
  • Sponsor reserves the right in our sole discretion to terminate, modify, or suspend this Promotion at any time.