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TNF Preview: Jets vs. Jaguars
TNF Preview: Jets vs. Jaguars

Associated Press

December 22, 2022

Mojo is a sports stock market that allows you to bet on the careers of athletes. The share price is like a traditional "line" in Vegas, but instead of a stat like total touchdowns, you're betting on career stats! 

Share prices move in real-time, just like sports betting lines, based on performance, news and the market signals from YOU, such as taking the over (Go Long) or under (Go Short) on a stock. Mojo uses a stock market interface to enable users to trade in and out of their bets at any time!

Multipliers allow you to customize your risk and reward if you want to try and make more (and risk more) in a short period of time. The cool thing about multipliers is that your downside is capped at the value of your initial bet and you have unlimited upside on Long Multipliers.

Check out whose stocks we're paying close attention to before Thursday Night Football!

Zach Wilson, $24.15 (2x Multiplier)

Back as the starter, Wilson gets another opportunity to show his worth after Mike White’s superior play, and he’ll need to capitalize on the Jaguars’ poor pass defense. We’ll see if expected rain and wind make it difficult to move the ball through the air. 

The market thinks Wilson and Jared Goff will produce similarly for the rest of their careers… Go Short if you think he’s still overrated.

Garrett Wilson, $15.68 (2x Multiplier)

The Jaguars’ secondary has allowed big games to WRs this season. Wilson seems to have turned a corner of late and could feast on them. He has the most Future Value for any rookie WR in the market and seems like an eventual superstar.

Elijah Moore, $11.73 (2x Multiplier)

Back from banishment, Moore has seen 17 targets over the Jets’ last two games. His stock has dropped 12% since opening day, but he seems poised to recoup some of that lost value now that he’s back in their gameplan.

Zonovan Knight, $2.70 (No Multiplier available)

“Bam” has added a shot of energy to the Jets’ rushing attack. He’s earned more than $0.15 of Mojo Value in three separate games this year. 

He’s the only UDFA besides Jeff Wilson Jr. to do so at least three times this season, and he’s only played in four games! NY will likely lean on him, with forecasts calling for wind gusts up to 40 mph and heavy rain. 

Trevor Lawrence, $65.05 (2x Multiplier)

Will Lawrence stay hot against the Jets stout secondary? The market still sees him in the same light as Derek Carr and Dak Prescott, despite his high level play of late. Bet before tonight’s game if you still believe he can be elite.

Travis Etienne, $10.09 (3x Multiplier)

There was a moment earlier this season when Etienne led all RBs in Future Value. He’s stalled a bit since then, but is still expected to be more productive than every RB in the market from this point on, besides Breece Hall, Ken Walker III, Saquon Barkley, and Jonathan Taylor. 

Go Short on Etienne if you don’t think he belongs in the same tier as those RBs.

Zay Jones, $8.58 (5x Multiplier)

As Lawrence has broken out, so has Jones. He’s averaged 11 targets, 110 yards, and more than one touchdown per game over the Jags’ last three victories, completely taking over the WR1 role. 

One downside is that he will probably have to deal with defensive sensation Sauce Gardner on Thursday night. Can he fight the wind, rain, and the possible Rookie of the Year?

Prices are current as of 12/22/22 at 5:00 PM EST
James Schiano is a full time employee of Mojo. All trades you make are with Mojo, which sets the lines as the “house”. Recommendations are for entertainment purposes only. Please use your own judgment and data to make trades. 21+. Must be in NJ to trade. Gambling Problem? 1-800-GAMBLER
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