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Share Price Movement
Share Price Movement

September 28, 2022

Traditional stock prices tend to make their biggest moves around Earnings Reports. Betting lines often move when there’s high volume on one side of a bet. But what moves share prices on Mojo? The simple answer is everything — and that’s what makes investing in athletes so much fun.

Let’s start from the beginning: Share prices on Mojo are the expectations for a player’s end-of-career value. And Mojo offers a guaranteed retirement payout based solely on objective stats.

That means that along the way, the share price (and expectations) change with every play, every game, and every headline, as the market makes its best guess at what those career-ending stats will be.

A player’s performance is a major factor in their share price, as they bank Mojo Value and raise or lower collective expectations for their future. An unproven rookie who plays well may get more playing time and opportunities to rack up stats, and the cycle feeds itself. And vice versa when a player under performs and loses playing time.

But the action on Mojo isn’t just on the field. Draft picks, promotions, demotions, trades, injuries, suspensions, position battles, hype, coaching changes, supporting cast and other factors all come into play as well.

For example, if a sixth-round draft pick (let’s call him…Tom) is pigeonholed as a backup early in his career, he’d likely have low expectations for his career stats and, therefore, a low share price. But if, hypothetically, he was suddenly thrust into a starting role when QB1 goes down with an injury, the assumed increase in his playing time could boost expectations before that 6th-round pick even saw the field. And if he played well in his new role, the share price would continue to rise. If, hypothetically, he not only kept that starting job, but went on to win seven Super Bowls and set virtually every statistical record in the books…well, you get the picture. He’d wind up as the top-priced athlete on Mojo and if you’d invested when he was a penny stock, you’d be pretty happy right now. (We’re talking about Tom Brady in case you live under a rock.)

A running back is rumored to be traded to a new team with a run-heavy offensive scheme? The price will likely go up. A wide receiver loses his star QB to a suspension? Down. A part time player steps up to take control of a full-time role? Up. Every game, and every headline is an earnings report.

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Dave Campanaro is a full time employee of Mojo. All trades are made directly with Mojo, which sets the lines as the “house.” Recommendations are for entertainment purposes only. Please use your own judgment and data to make trades. Must be 21+ and physically located in NJ to trade. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER
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