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Mojo 101
Mojo 101

March 15, 2023

So you’ve discovered the sports stock market and want to know what it’s all about. Let’s break down the basics:

  • Licensed & Regulated
  • LiquidTrading
  • Stock Types
  • Guaranteed Settlement Payout
  • Long/Short

Licensed & Regulated

Mojo is the first-ever state-licensed platform to offer prop bets that act like stocks — with live in-game share price movement. We’re regulated and regularly audited by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, the same entity that regulates DraftKings, FanDuel, and other traditional sports books.


Because you’re buying and selling directly from Mojo, with no exchange relationship necessary, EVERY Mojo stock features LiquidTrading — the ability to instantly cash in and out of your bet in real time. Traditional sportsbooks’ cashout offerings are rare, random, and usually pretty lame. Mojo offers instant cashouts at fair market value on EVERY stock.

No more staring at a dead bet for three hours. With LiquidTrading, you can collect profits or cut losses on your terms. You can even flip your bet and take the other side! 

Steph’s not feeling it from downtown in the first quarter? You can cash out early if you think it’s an off night, buy the dip if you think he’ll bounce back, or even short his stock to make money with every brick.

Stock Types

Traditional sportsbooks offer one type of payout — a classic all-or-nothing bet. Mojo, however, offers three distinct types of stocks, each with its own type of payout.

It’s important to remember that in each payout type, you always have the ability to trade in and out in real time to collect profits or cut losses before the end of the bet.

  • Binary: This is the all-or-nothing bet you’re used to. If the event happens, Mojo pays $1 per share. If the event does not happen, Mojo pays $0.
  • Upside: Just like stocks, these bets have unlimited upside. The higher the stats go, the more money you make. It’s like an over/under that pays more when the stats are more over or more under. 
  • Options: These bets have a strike price, and Mojo pays $1 per share for every stat ABOVE the strike price.  

Guaranteed Settlement Payout

Every stock entitles you to a guaranteed payout at the end of the bet. (One game, multiple games, an entire career, etc.) Payouts are based on objective stats and published formulas for each sport. 

You make the call on whether to cash in before the end of the bet, or wait for it to automatically settle. 


Essentially, a Long position is taking the “over,” and a Short position is taking the “under.” But unlike traditional sportsbooks, you can make more money the more the stat goes over or under. 

Dave Campanaro is a full time employee of Mojo. All trades are made directly with Mojo, which sets the lines as the “house.” Recommendations are for entertainment purposes only. Please use your own judgment and data to make trades. Must be 21+ and physically located in NJ to trade. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER
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