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Dalton Kates’ Dynasty Rankings
Dalton Kates’ Dynasty Rankings

September 7, 2022

STOP! You’re here for the ranks, I know, but let me provide some context and explain how we are making history together.

How does Mojo relate to dynasty fantasy football?  

Mojo has things in common with dynasty fantasy football (finding undervalued players, buying low/ selling high, predicting future stats, thinking long-term).

It is also fundamentally different (simplified stats that track more closely with real life value, trade stocks of any player, any time, prices move in real-time, managing your own portfolio players as opposed to managing a roster)

How can dynasty fantasy players use Mojo to gain an edge?

Dynasty fantasy football players can improve by incorporating Mojo share prices. That’s why my dynasty ranks include a future value based on Mojo share prices on 9.2.2. Mojo share prices update in real time based on demand (even mid-game or in the offseason) so there’s always a live expectation for future stats. (Please note: I can’t pull in live Mojo data yet, so for these ranks, the future value column is only current for the time I click publish. Also there’s a handful of players that we won’t add to Mojo for the next week or two, so I will omit their future value!)

Think about that! For the first time as dynasty players, we have access to consensus future value, continuously updating in real time… all year long.

That’s why I’ll be checking out Mojo before I make dynasty trades as the ultimate gut check for trade value. You don’t want to make a trade and find out later you gave up 5x as much future value as you’re receiving!

How are these ranks different from others out there?

Since my dynasty ranks include future Mojo Value, you can make your own call on how you want to balance playing for today vs. playing for the future based on your own aspirations and whether or not you’re contending or rebuilding.

Why tiers are important

Rankings are important and are a great tool for drafting leagues, but a lot of times it fails to capture drops in value within drafts.

Tiers do a much better job of capturing these “buckets” in value between players. When it comes to drafting I always focus on tiers and utilize the rankings as tiebreakers within these tiers. A lot of players will have similar ranges of outcomes and profiles and tiers do a great job with this.

Quarterback Rankings

My main philosophy when it comes to QBs in dynasty is I want guys who be productive and offer league winning upside with their legs. If I’m in a dynasty league, I’m heavily targeting the third tier here as the prices are much cheaper and should offer a mix of upside as well as longevity at diminished prices.

Rankings are formatted as such: (name, tier, team, position, future Mojo Value)

  1. Patrick Mahomes II,1,KC,QB,66.77
  2. Justin Herbert,1,LAC,QB,69.51
  3. Josh Allen,1,BUF,QB,55.59
  4. Lamar Jackson,2,BAL,QB,35.11
  5. Kyler Murray,2,ARI,QB,43.93
  6. Trey Lance,2,SF,QB,38.7
  7. Joe Burrow,2,CIN,QB,55.84
  8. Russell Wilson,3,DEN,QB,29.98
  9. Trevor Lawrence,3,JAC,QB,48.71
  10. Jalen Hurts,3,PHI,QB,23.81
  11. Deshaun Watson,3,CLE,QB,N/A
  12. Dak Prescott,3,DAL,QB,31.86
  13. Matthew Stafford,4,LAR,QB,25.92
  14. Justin Fields,4,CHI,QB,22.25
  15. Aaron Rodgers,4,GB,QB,13.33
  16. Derek Carr,4,LV,QB,26.09
  17. Kirk Cousins,4,MIN,QB,14.57
  18. Mac Jones,4,NE,QB,43.41
  19. Zach Wilson,4,NYJ,QB,29.24
  20. Tom Brady,5,TB,QB,8.84
  21. Tua Tagovailoa,5,MIA,QB,21.09
  22. Jameis Winston,5,NO,QB,17.35
  23. Jared Goff,5,DET,QB,11.88
  24. Marcus Mariota,6,ATL,QB,10.73
  25. Matt Ryan,6,IND,QB,11.75
  26. Ryan Tannehill,6,TEN,QB,10.46
  27. Kenny Pickett,6,PIT,QB,14.65
  28. Malik Willis,6,TEN,QB,6.82
  29. Baker Mayfield,6,CAR,QB,22.54
  30. Daniel Jones,7,NYG,QB,20.15
  31. Carson Wentz,7,WAS,QB,16.51
  32. Davis Mills,7,HOU,QB,15.41
  33. Desmond Ridder,7,ATL,QB,5.73
  34. Mitch Trubisky,7,PIT,QB,9.94
  35. Jimmy Garoppolo,7,SF,QB,N/A

Running Back Rankings

My philosophy here is to fade all running backs for the most part. All tend to be overpriced and a serious injury or decline from older players can quickly depreciate their value.

The best way I’m approaching how to acquire running backs in dynasty right now is by trading for as many 2023 1st round picks as possible in my leagues. There’s really no such thing as having too many picks next year as the class is shaping up to have some elite running back prospects.

Rankings are formatted as such: (name, tier, team, position, future Mojo Value)

  1. Jonathan Taylor,1,IND,RB,13.18
  2. Breece Hall,2,NYJ,RB,10.55
  3. Javonte Williams,2,DEN,RB,10.77
  4. D'Andre Swift,2,DET,RB,11.3
  5. Saquon Barkley,2,NYG,RB,9.63
  6. Christian McCaffrey,2,CAR,RB,9.39
  7. Najee Harris,2,PIT,RB,14.77
  8. Alvin Kamara,3,NO,RB,7.25
  9. J.K. Dobbins,3,BAL,RB,7.97
  10. Travis Etienne Jr.,3,JAC,RB,12.27
  11. Austin Ekeler,3,LAC,RB,8.44
  12. Aaron Jones,3,GB,RB,5.42
  13. Ken Walker III,3,SEA,RB,N/A
  14. AJ Dillon,3,GB,RB,6.84
  15. Nick Chubb,4,CLE,RB,7.3
  16. Dalvin Cook,4,MIN,RB,7.68
  17. Derrick Henry,4,TEN,RB,7.71
  18. Joe Mixon,4,CIN,RB,8.34
  19. Cam Akers,4,LAR,RB,10.53
  20. Rachaad White,4,TB,RB,6.03
  21. Tony Pollard,4,DAL,RB,7
  22. Clyde Edwards-Helaire,5,KC,RB,N/A
  23. Elijah Mitchell,5,SF,RB,8.5
  24. Antonio Gibson,5,WAS,RB,N/A
  25. Miles Sanders,5,PHI,RB,8
  26. Rhamondre Stevenson,5,NE,RB,5.6
  27. Leonard Fournette,5,TB,RB,5.2
  28. James Conner,5,ARI,RB,5.91
  29. Rashaad Penny,5,SEA,RB,5.57
  30. Ezekiel Elliott,5,DAL,RB,3.43
  31. David Montgomery,5,CHI,RB,8.87
  32. Kareem Hunt,5,CLE,RB,3.29
  33. James Cook,5,BUF,RB,6.14
  34. Alexander Mattison,5,MIN,RB,N/A
  35. Michael Carter,5,NYJ,RB,3.84
  36. Chase Edmonds,6,MIA,RB,3.86
  37. Dameon Pierce,6,HOU,RB,8.98
  38. Damien Harris,6,NE,RB,N/A
  39. Brian Robinson Jr.,6,WAS,RB,N/A
  40. Josh Jacobs,6,LV,RB,8.78
  41. Devin Singletary,6,BUF,RB,5.94
  42. Eno Benjamin,6,ARI,RB,N/A
  43. Darrell Henderson Jr.,7,LAR,RB,N/A
  44. Nyheim Hines,7,IND,RB,3.48
  45. Melvin Gordon III,7,DEN,RB,2.88
  46. James Robinson,7,JAC,RB,4.63
  47. Khalil Herbert,7,CHI,RB,N/A
  48. Tyrion Davis-Price,7,SF,RB,5.54
  49. Zamir White,7,LV,RB,4.12
  50. Raheem Mostert,7,MIA,RB,N/A
  51. Kenneth Gainwell,7,PHI,RB,5.79
  52. J.D. McKissic,7,WAS,RB,3.02
  53. Isiah Pacheco,7,KC,RB,2.02
  54. Isaiah Spiller,7,LAC,RB,4.38
  55. Tyler Allgeier,7,ATL,RB,3.58
  56. Jaylen Warren,7,PIT,RB,N/A
  57. Cordarrelle Patterson,7,ATL,RB,2.76
  58. Jermar Jefferson,7,DET,RB,N/A
  59. Zack Moss,7,BUF,RB,N/A
  60. Jamaal Williams,7,DET,RB,3.18
  61. Chuba Hubbard,7,CAR,RB,3.49

Wide Receiver Rankings

My overarching philosophy when it comes to wide receivers is to chase guys before they have broken out. I tend to be rather aggressive with some of the younger guys here as I want core guys who can produce for my team for the next five years.

There’s obviously extra added risk by taking some of these guys instead of veterans, but there’s baked in upside for future years that those older guys (28+) don’t offer.

I think the talent at WR and the upside profiles really start to dry up after tier 5. I would do my best to have at least six or seven guys in the top five tiers.

Rankings are formatted as such: (name, tier, team, position, future Mojo Value)

  1. Ja'Marr Chase,1,CIN,WR,15.27
  2. Justin Jefferson,1,MIN,WR,15.99
  3. A.J. Brown,2,PHI,WR,11.69
  4. Tee Higgins,2,CIN,WR,14.84
  5. CeeDee Lamb,2,DAL,WR,14.47
  6. DK Metcalf,2,SEA,WR,11.98
  7. DJ Moore,2,CAR,WR,13.47
  8. Deebo Samuel,2,SF,WR,12.3
  9. Elijah Moore,3,NYJ,WR,12.21
  10. Jaylen Waddle,3,MIA,WR,13.48
  11. Treylon Burks,3,TEN,WR,11.19
  12. Drake London,3,ATL,WR,14.03
  13. Garrett Wilson,3,NYJ,WR,12.41
  14. Cooper Kupp,3,LAR,WR,11.11
  15. Davante Adams,3,LV,WR,9.13
  16. Rashod Bateman,3,BAL,WR,13.44
  17. Tyreek Hill,3,MIA,WR,9.17
  18. Stefon Diggs,3,BUF,WR,9.07
  19. Amon-Ra St. Brown,4,DET,WR,13.06
  20. Diontae Johnson,4,PIT,WR,9.25
  21. Terry McLaurin,4,WAS,WR,10.89
  22. DeVonta Smith,4,PHI,WR,12.57
  23. Michael Pittman Jr.,4,IND,WR,11.84
  24. Courtland Sutton,4,DEN,WR,9.4
  25. Chris Godwin,4,TB,WR,10.75
  26. Gabriel Davis,4,BUF,WR,N/A
  27. Jameson Williams,4,DET,WR,13.37
  28. Marquise Brown,4,ARI,WR,11.6
  29. Mike Williams,4,LAC,WR,9.41
  30. Hunter Renfrow,4,LV,WR,6.81
  31. Mike Evans,4,TB,WR,7.41
  32. George Pickens,5,PIT,WR,8.15
  33. Skyy Moore,5,KC,WR,6.84
  34. Michael Thomas,5,NO,WR,N/A
  35. DeAndre Hopkins,5,ARI,WR,N/A
  36. Keenan Allen,5,LAC,WR,7.83
  37. Allen Robinson II,5,LAR,WR,8.25
  38. Jerry Jeudy,5,DEN,WR,12.4
  39. Chase Claypool,5,PIT,WR,12.57
  40. Kadarius Toney,5,NYG,WR,8.79
  41. Brandon Aiyuk,5,SF,WR,8.2
  42. Chris Olave,5,NO,WR,11.84
  43. Brandin Cooks,5,HOU,WR,6.06
  44. Darnell Mooney,5,CHI,WR,11.96
  45. David Bell,5,CLE,WR,5.4
  46. Amari Cooper,5,CLE,WR,8.12
  47. Rondale Moore,6,ARI,WR,8.41
  48. Christian Kirk,6,JAC,WR,11.15
  49. Calvin Ridley,6,ATL,WR,N/A
  50. Jahan Dotson,6,WAS,WR,11.2
  51. JuJu Smith-Schuster,6,KC,WR,10.73
  52. Tyler Lockett,6,SEA,WR,6.65
  53. Jakobi Meyers,6,NE,WR,7.49
  54. Michael Gallup,6,DAL,WR,N/A
  55. Julio Jones,7,TB,WR,2.36
  56. Robert Woods,7,TEN,WR,5.54
  57. William Fuller V,7,FA,WR,N/A
  58. Christian Watson,7,GB,WR,8.9
  59. Wan'Dale Robinson,7,NYG,WR,9.35
  60. Adam Thielen,7,MIN,WR,4.13
  61. Nico Collins,7,HOU,WR,5.52
  62. Tyler Boyd,7,CIN,WR,8
  63. K.J. Osborn,7,MIN,WR,7.04
  64. Alec Pierce,7,IND,WR,7.41
  65. Romeo Doubs,7,GB,WR,4.55
  66. Allen Lazard,7,GB,WR,8.45
  67. Kenny Golladay,7,NYG,WR,5.55
  68. Corey Davis,8,NYJ,WR,8.32
  69. Marvin Jones Jr.,8,JAC,WR,3.09
  70. Joshua Palmer,8,LAC,WR,5.05
  71. Jarvis Landry,8,NO,WR,4.92
  72. KJ Hamler,8,DEN,WR,7.66
  73. DJ Chark Jr.,8,DET,WR,N/A
  74. Terrace Marshall Jr.,8,CAR,WR,8.59
  75. Sterling Shepard,8,NYG,WR,N/A
  76. Robbie Anderson,8,CAR,WR,6.76
  77. Marquez Valdes-Scantling,8,KC,WR,8.93
  78. Odell Beckham Jr.,8,FA,WR,N/A
  79. Bryan Edwards,8,ATL,WR,N/A
  80. Tyquan Thornton,8,NE,WR,N/A

Tight End Rankings

It’s Kyle Pitts or bust. Pitts is my top ranked dynasty player.

Pitts has the unique ability to perform like an elite wide receiver for the next decade, but being able to play him at the tight end position.

We truly have not seen a dynasty asset like Kyle Pitts maybe ever.

If I were in a dynasty league I would do whatever it takes to get Kyle Pitts.

As for the rest of these guys, I would feel gross if I didn’t have at least one tight end in the top three tiers (ideally 2nd tier). I’m likely to roster multiple tight tends in the top three tiers on most of my teams. Having an elite tight end is such a massive advantage in fantasy leagues.

Rankings are formatted as such: (name, tier, team, position, future Mojo Value)

  1. Kyle Pitts,1,ATL,TE,12.54
  2. Mark Andrews,2,BAL,TE,11.03
  3. George Kittle,2,SF,TE,6.86
  4. Darren Waller,2,LV,TE,6.85
  5. Travis Kelce,2,KC,TE,5.07
  6. Dallas Goedert,3,PHI,TE,7.24
  7. Noah Fant,3,SEA,TE,7.77
  8. T.J. Hockenson,3,DET,TE,7.63
  9. Pat Freiermuth,4,PIT,TE,7.67
  10. Dalton Schultz,4,DAL,TE,7.3
  11. Mike Gesicki,4,MIA,TE,6.51
  12. Dawson Knox,4,BUF,TE,5.08
  13. David Njoku,4,CLE,TE,4.82
  14. Hunter Henry,4,NE,TE,4.34
  15. Trey McBride,5,ARI,TE,4.92
  16. Albert Okwuegbunam,5,DEN,TE,6.07
  17. Cole Kmet,5,CHI,TE,7.24
  18. Evan Engram,6,JAC,TE,4.05
  19. Jonnu Smith,6,NE,TE,1.81
  20. Gerald Everett,6,LAC,TE,N/A
  21. Greg Dulcich,6,DEN,TE,2.04
  22. Irv Smith Jr.,6,MIN,TE,5.64
  23. Zach Ertz,6,ARI,TE,4.04
  24. Tyler Higbee,6,LAR,TE,4.57
  25. Austin Hooper,6,TEN,TE,3.53
  26. Isaiah Likely,6,BAL,TE,2.55
  27. Hayden Hurst,7,CIN,TE,N/A
  28. Adam Trautman,7,NO,TE,4.34
  29. C.J. Uzomah,7,NYJ,TE,4.29
  30. Logan Thomas,7,WAS,TE,2.13
  31. Brevin Jordan,7,HOU,TE,4.87
  32. Jelani Woods,7,IND,TE,3.59
  33. Mo Alie-Cox,7,IND,TE,2.92
  34. Daniel Bellinger,7,NYG,TE,3.46
  35. Donald Parham Jr.,7,LAC,TE,N/A

Dalton Kates is a full time employee of Mojo. All trades you make are with Mojo, which sets the lines as the “house”. Recommendations are for entertainment purposes only. Please use your own judgment and data to make trades. 21+. Must be in NJ to trade. Gambling Problem? 1-800-GAMBLER
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