Introducing a New Bet on Mojo:
Liquid Props
Mojo is offering the first-ever prop bet you can trade in and out of instantly, like a stock.
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Here's an example:


The Share Price is the Betting Line

If Daniel Jones is expected to throw 1 TD in the game, his stock's share price would be $1.


Take the Over or Under

If you think Jones will throw more than one TD, take the over (Go Long). If you think he’ll throw less, take the under (Go Short).


Trade In and Out Instantly

The share price moves with every play. If DJ looks awful in the first quarter, the share price might drop. But if he connects for a TD in the second quarter, the price will jump. The more TDs he throws, the higher the price goes. You can cash out your profits, cut your losses, or change your bet anytime.


Get Paid

Mojo pays out $1 per stat, per share. And unlike traditional prop bets, the more you’re right, the more you win. There's no ceiling to how high a stock can go, but you can never lose more than you put down.
  • Buy in or cash out anytime, even between plays.
  • We charge a commission on each bet.
  • Bets include Rush Yards, Passing TDs, Total Yards, Receptions, and more.
  • Shorting may be halted at times for lower priced bets. However, if you have an open position you'll still be able to close out even if shorting is no longer available.

There will be new bets in Beta throughout the playoffs. Want to get in on the action?

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